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Hear what others have to say!

Brian really is the best at what he does. He is so knowledgeable about all things fitness, nutrition, health and healing. He genuinely cares about each and everyone of his clients. Always making sure you are doing things correctly and that it feels right. He has helped me through my weight journey (before during and after pregnancy) and I couldn’t have chose a better trainer to be there for me! Brian definitely takes personal training to a whole different level!

- Emily N.

I worked with Brian over the summer while preparing for my college hockey season. I enjoyed every second of working with Brian. I always felt supported and encouraged to push myself and test my limits. With that, Brian always made sure I listened to my body to ensure I never hurt myself. When I would learn new movements Brian would record my form so we could watch it and correct my technique. This allowed me to see what I needed to fix first hand. Overall, I could not thank Brian enough for the work he did with me this summer. I truly wouldn’t have been prepared for the season if it wasn’t for him!

- Mary M.

Brian designs workouts that keep things fun, constantly changing exercises and trying new ones which helps the body and the mind.  Brian pays attention to your past injuries as well as how you are feeling the day of your work out, which to me is incredibly important. He is a technician on body mechanics to keep you safe and making improvements each session. Even more important than his fitness skills, Brian is simply an incredible person, always has a smile on his face and is incredibly positive and a pleasure to be around.

- Kate M.

I would highly recommend Brian to anyone that is looking to achieve any fitness goals.

- Jeff S.

Against the Grain is an amazing gym and has the greatest group fitness classes! I started going to ATG after I had my second child and it not only helped me get in shape, but they were very supportive with the postpartum journey, making it healthy, safe, and enjoyable. Brian is a great leader and a SME in the fitness community. I highly recommend this gym to everyone!

- Hannah F.

I am so thankful to have discovered Against the Grain Fitness. Brian’s dedication to his field led me from an individual who consistently got hurt working out at traditional gyms or fitness boutiques, to someone on a safe, knowledgeable, and stronger path towards fitness and longevity. His personal training sessions and strength training classes are the perfect place for someone looking to expand their knowledge of strength training. So glad to be a part of this amazing and supportive family!

- Alicia T.

Brian knows his stuff. He pays very close attention to his clients while they are in session. He is an encourager.

- Woodland S.



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