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Call Or E-mail today for a consultation and movement screening!  

Personal Training:

Personal training at Against the Grain Fitness is a great choice for anyone who wants the individualized attention of a one-on-one coaching program. We will design a specific workout program tailored to achieve your goals, based on your current fitness level, movement screening results and feedback from you.


Semi-private training:

For those who enjoy or prefer working with a friend or partner. Semi-private training sessions can be for 2-6 people. Common groupings include friends, siblings, partners, mother daughter, father son, teammates etc.  Gain all the benefits of working with a personal trainer while enjoying the experience with someone else. We may also have groups currently running that you can join, do not hesitate to ask. 


Benefits of Personal Training and Semi-Private training: 

 Individualized programs  


Faster and better results 

Reduce risk of injury 

Reduce body fat and lose weight 



ATHletic development
Strength & Conditioning:

Middle school to college and adult athletes, our athletic development programs offer age specific skill development. We build a solid athletic and movement foundation with the primary focus of injury reduction while instilling good movement and fitness habits allowing for greater success in sports and athletics. Our progressive approach to training ensures athletes demonstrate skill and proficiency in simpler movements before moving on to more complex movements and tasks at the appropriate times in their development. We build a strong base that over time will allow the athlete build a tall pyramid. 

Injury Reduction
Identify and correct improper movement patterns, strengthen and lengthen tissue to build a more robust body that can better withstand the demands of sport. 

Linear, lateral, acceleration, deceleration, foot work, direction change, and sprint mechanics.


Explosive power
Jump and landing, med ball work, plyometrics, rotational power.


Skill level specific functional strength training focusing on lower, upper and midline.  Professional instruction by CSCS certified coaches. 



Energy system work to be prepared for the demands of your sport. 

Flexibility and Mobility
stretching, myofascial release, muscle activation work. 


Nutrition Education
Tips, advice and lessons.


Build Confidence and have fun!

Adult strength and Conditioning
GROUP Training:

Safe and purposeful strength and conditioning classes.
Designed for those who are willing to make a commitment and work hard to improve their health and wellness. Our progressive and results focused classes will have you moving better, stronger and healthier than ever. In class there will be a coach facilitating the workout and making sure that you are performing the exercises with proper technique. Every movement can be modified for your current fitness and skill level. After joining, you will have a complimentary movement screening and consultation to get to know each other better and to be sure that we address any pain or movement compensations before introducing you to the class. We will take every opportunity to make sure your experience is safe and beneficial. 

Monday: 6am & 5:30pm

Tuesday: 9:15am

Wednesday: 6am

Friday: 9:15am

Saturday: 8am 

*Drop-in’s for 1st class attendance is available on Saturday’s only.

Please contact us if you’d like to attend your first class on a different day so we may make the necessary arrangements. 


Yoga Classes:

Gentle Therapeutic Flow Yoga

Designed to nurture both body and mind. This serene session focuses on gentle movements, deep stretches, and mindful breathing to release tension and promote relaxation. Perfect for all levels, this renewing flow encourages inner balance and rejuvenation, allowing you to unwind and restore your energy. Join us for a blissful experience that nourishes your spirit and leaves you feeling refreshed, renewed, and ready to embrace life's challenges with serenity.


Tuesday: 1:30pm

Yoga Slow Flow

An all levels vinyasa style that is characterized by a mindful synchronization of breath with movement. Intentional breath awareness promotes relaxation but also deepens the mind-body connection. Sequences  focus on seamless transitions that feel like a moving meditation. Movements are purposeful and facilitate deep stretching and muscle release. This mindful approach encourages practitioners to listen to their bodies, finding ease and comfort in each posture while fostering a sense of surrender and letting go.


Thursday: 6:45pm



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